About Us

What Is Pattern Trader?

Aimed at creating a place where people from all backgrounds can become traders, Pattern Trader is a general trading platform with a difference.

More than just a place to buy, sell, and exchange stocks, this app provides insight and training into how to make the best plays and understand exactly what the industry is all about.

In essence, Pattern Trader is an all-access general trading platform where anyone is welcome and where everyone has the power to develop their skills.

Who Are the Brains Behind Pattern Trader?

The Pattern Trader team is made up of some of the brightest minds in digital trading.

After spending years working at firms and other platforms, our trading experts were able to channel what they had learned into a streamlined and efficient app. As well as using their experience of what works to develop risk-reducing software for your benefit, they were also able to work around the flaws they noticed in other platforms.

Above all else, the creators of Pattern Trader saw that an overwhelming amount of data and complicated displays were deterrents for first-time traders. People who are trying to make a start on their trading journey were being excluded by confusing information aimed and industry experts. Our team knew this was not the way forward and used it as inspiration when building and designing the Pattern Trader interface.

The Pattern Trader Mantra

It is our belief that circumstance, experience, or background should restrict access to trading on the stock market. Too many trade markets have been cornered by the select few for far too long. Now it is time for those opportunities to become available to whoever has the drive and determination to go for them.

As traders, we understand what it takes to do well in this industry. We also know that without a little guidance, the whole thing can seem like rocket science. Can we let you in on a trade secret? It's not. Sure, being successful takes patience, intuition, savvy, and analytical skills that are built over years of practical experience, but not everybody has that chance.

Our team has taken the expertise they were lucky enough to gather and poured it into Pattern Trader. Thanks to them, anybody can learn the craft and build an portfolio without professional training.